Pittsburgh Institute For Nonprofit journalism


Pittsburgh Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (PINJ) focuses on enterprising and unique criminal and social justice stories in Western Pennsylvania, through a lens that highlights systemic inequities and shines light into areas that are currently opaque.

The PINJ mission is to fill some of the gaps in local news coverage created by shrinking staff at regional media outlets. PINJ supports and provides mutual aid to existing community publications, and works to collaborate with new writers committed to civic-engagement initiatives.

PINJ accepts grants and individual donations, wholly disconnected from any type of editorial control. The highest and primary obligation of ethical journalism is to serve the public. At PINJ, conflicts of interest, real or perceived, are avoided, and unavoidable conflicts are disclosed. Anonymous donations are accepted only for general operating support.  

Funders include the Grable Foundation; Google News Equity Fund; The Pittsburgh Media Partnership; and the Education Writers Association.